Pram/Stroller Camera Mount

Camera attached to pram with clamp and ball joint, pointed at Manly Beach.
Camera (Sony A6000) screwed into Clamp (SmallRig 1124) mounted on Pram (Uppababy Cruz V2). Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW.

Before having a baby, I canvassed all the dads I know for "new dad tips". The most common advice was "get a good camera, because they grow up so fast". I wasn't sure I'd be into this whole photography thing, so I picked up a second-hand entry-level mirrorless Sony camera off eBay. It's fun, and yes: it's better than the phone camera.

After the baby arrived, we had lots of family visits, leading to family photos. I wanted us all to be in the family photos, so something needs to hold the camera.

The normal answer is "get a tripod", but don't we already have a rigid, stable, movable frame: our pram! Could I use that?

I first tried zipping up the pram top and resting the camera on that. But the camera was too low; the crotch-height angle was unflattering.

Could I attach to the pram handle instead, a bit higher? With our Uppababy Cruz V2 pram, the handle telescopes, allowing some height control.

Researching camera mounts (definition: "things that attach cameras to other things") was more complicated than I expected. There exist mounts for attaching cameras to all sorts of objects.

My favourite: camera dog mounts

But even with all the upselling accessories of modern prams ($100 cup-holders, anyone?), I couldn't find specifically-marketed pram/stroller mounts.

I worried about screw incompatibility, but cameras seem to have standardised on the 1/4" threaded screw. Thank goodness.

Mounting the Pram-Camera (Pramera)

I bought the SmallRig model 1124: "Super Clamp Mount with Ball Head Mount" for $21AUD, and found I can clamp it to the top of the pram: it particularly grips well on the pram's hard plastic handle, not the soft leather.

Picture of the clamp. has a ball joint at the bottom, and screw-on clamp at bottom.

You must clamp the narrow axis of the handle, otherwise it rotates around. The narrow axis points diagonally, so the clamp points diagonally, but the ball joint lets you correct for this and angle the camera flat.

Sony Camera on SmallRig mount on Pram handle
The centre of mass is... lopsided

I worried about the camera falling off and smashing the lens. The camera's centre of mass is lopsided with the heavy lens putting torque on the screw.

And the diagonal axis puts a bit of torque on the clamp. You can help this a little by aiming the camera sideways, or backwards toward the mount, as shown in the picture above. You have to aim the camera backwards anyway to avoid getting the pram in your photos.

I probably wouldn't keep the camera screwed there while moving over uneven terrain; but it's been perfectly stable stationary while taking photos.

It's a little slow to screw on the camera and adjust the ball to get things level; but no more difficult than a tripod. The pram wheels help positioning for framing.

Baby can't reach the handle, so I'm not worried about small parts/choke hazards. Even so, I think you'd struggle to disassemble this to small-enough parts to worry.


Overall, the pram-mounted camera has been good for our family, and I'd recommend it. The pram is a natural tripod. The height is good. We keep the clamp on the pram handle long-term, and dangle toys from it. The clamp doesn't get in the way. And we get nice family photos, with all of us in them.

Walking around, I don't see anyone else doing this. I think the Pramera should be more of a thing!

Mark Hansen

Mark Hansen

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