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Posted on 09 May 2010 by .

Editing files earlier, I’d noticed it took ages to load a file into vim. The screen would display the filename at the bottom, wait for about 10 seconds (pegging the CPU at 100%), and then display the file. This only happened for Markdown files, so I opened markdown.vim.

My first instinct was a runaway regular expression, backtracking all over the code

syntax match  htmlH1       /^.\+\n=\+$/ contains=@Spell
syntax match  htmlH2       /^.\+\n-\+$/ contains=@Spell

These regular expressions match Markdown headings that look like

Heading 1

Heading 2

I was concerned with the .\+ part of the regular expression. . means ‘match any character’ and \+ means match as many of the previous identifier as possible. \+ grabs as many characters as possible - it is a greedy operator.

If you tell Vim to match as many of ‘any character’ as possible, it will first match the whole document, then have to backtrack through the whole thing to find a match for \n=\+$ (a newline containing only = characters).

Turns out this wasn’t a problem, because in vimscript, the ‘match any character’ doesn’t match newlines, so the regex only goes to the end of the line. This is exactly the behaviour you want for the markdown parser. This wasn’t the code that was pegging my CPU at 100%.

Commenting out various lines of markdown.vim, I found the line causing the slow loads:

runtime! syntax/html.vim

There was a bug in the html syntax file that was causing this trouble. I tried commenting out the VBScript part of the html syntax file (who embeds VBScript in HTML any more?), and then the CSS section. Turning off CSS fixed the problem right away.

The problem was this nifty little vimscript I downloaded a week ago to display CSS color strings like “#e0f300” in the color they represent: css_color.vim.

Removing this plugin bought me back to the happy world of sub-second startups. It’s a shame, though, because css_color.vim seems really useful to visualise colors as you’re writing CSS. If someone could fix it up to not murder my startup time, that’d be awesome! UPDATE 2011-10-02: Someone’s done just that - there’s a much, much faster version available.

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